Indoor and Outdoor Bowling in East Devon

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Honiton Bowling Club,

Bowling Green Lane,

Off Streamers Meadows,

Honiton, EX14 2DP

Tel: 01404 46168

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Coaches Corner

Want to try bowls then take advantage of our four free taster sessions with no obligation . All we ask is that you bring along a pair of flat soled shoes with you

Coaching Sessions

These are available and can be booked for potential and existing members who may be struggling with their delivery, want to improve their game or increase head reading and team building skills, etc.

Coaching for Outdoors from April to September is on Fridays


Indoors September to April is on Thursday's

Contact Sue Evans to book a session 01404 41076

Which bowls should I buy?

Your choice of lawn bowls will depend on many factors, and at the end of the day will boil down to personal preference and the requirements you have for how you play. These will include what position you play, where you play and how you play. There are a number of options available to you whether you play indoor or outdoor bowls. Variations in bias and size and weight of the bowl will be the main options you'll need to decide on when choosing your bowl. Before you choose and buy however it is worth trying different bowls, possibly from the club store or other members, to find which suits you. Also consider buying second-hand bowls but above all don’t rush into it!

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